From one baseball card aficionado to another

955) Sent a condolence card to someone who’d lost his mom.

956) Gave my towel to someone in the locker room who needed it.

957) Participated in our Fork It Over Metro food donation program to reduce hunger and waste in the Portland metropolitan area. I picked up the items from one local school and delivered them to the food pantry.

Instead of the perishable items from our school going to waste over spring break we donated them to the local food pantry. Dozens of schools participated. In addition, hundreds of local restaurants, caterers and food service companies are helping to fight hunger and reduce waste through the Fork It Over program. Maybe you have a program like this in your area.

Finally, my son and I received a mitzvah today. My son, a new baseball card aficionado visited a new baseball card store I discovered. It’s only been open for 10 months and the owner was wonderful. He spoke to my son for more than 45 minutes, patiently answering all of his questions and sharing with him some wonderful baseball tidbits. He also gifted him with some plastic baseball card sleeves and a metal baseball box. Plus he discounted a card my son really wanted so my son could afford it. My son was surprised at his generosity. He thanked him and was very, very excited on our way home.


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