Spring has sprung

Cherry Trees in the neighborhood
Cherry Trees in the neighborhood

It’s spring in Portland. It’s beautiful here with amazing cherry trees blossoming. I have been thinking of several things with the spring season. The first is the visit my husband and  I took to Portland when we were considering relocating here. We fell in love and have always loved the “earlier” spring here than we were both used to.

I also think about the spring after my father died. It wasn’t until April that I began to feel more like myself. It took those several month before the fog began to settle down after losing my father. I know spring is about rebirth and renewal and I surely felt it that first spring season.

962)  I have counted this in the past so I will count it again. Taking my recycling to the recycling station near our home. I always feel good about doing my share to recycle, reduce and reuse.

963) Told a friend who had several tubes of toothpaste to donate that I knew exactly where  we could donate them. I dropped them off  for a toiletry drive at our local community center.

964) Helped a woman in the locker room who had just had ankle surgery.


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