School related mitzvahs

984 & 985) Sent two cards. Get well and thinking of you.

986) On Tuesday night, I volunteered to speak on behalf of our school at a local school board budget committee meeting. It was harder than I thought it would be to come up with a unified statement. Also, the nerves to do this must count as a mitzvah.  I was pretty nervous until I was finished.

987) Yesterday, I spent the day with my son’s second grade class on a field trip. Usually, I love field trips and feel like I benefit so much from the experience. We were on the bus for more than 3 hours for a short 1 hour presentation. Let’s just say, I am glad my son loved the field trip, I was just along for the ride.

988) Volunteered after school today to help set up our Sock Hop event tomorrow night.

Our school district has just added a new background check policy for all volunteers. Yesterday, I was speaking with a couple of the staff at our school and they were worried that some parents might not be willing to do the online application (it literally took 2 minutes) because it’s a bother. Since it’s not easy to get volunteers in the first place they were hoping that wouldn’t further discourage people from helping out. I guess it’s better to have these precautions when people help in a school since the majority of folks aren’t going to have any problems passing the background check but I hope our staff isn’t correct and find that people don’t use it as an excuse for not volunteering their time.


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