School supplies

It’s hard to believe that I have finally reached my final 10 mitzvahs for this 1000 mitzvah project. What started out as a crazy idea in the middle of the night has turned into something powerful and beneficial. These past few weeks,  I have been slow to track mitzvahs because I wasn’t quite ready to finish.

People continue to ask me what I plan to do next. For now, I have decided to blog about other volunteer opportunities or interesting stories about mitzvahs that happen after I have finished my project. I am looking for speaking engagements and ways to share my story. In addition, I have  begun work on a book proposal and look forward to that journey as it unfolds.  The old saying goes, “When one door closes another one opens” so I expect as I complete the original mitzvah project  a new piece of it will emerge.

990) Donated at the supermarket for the Meals on Wheels program of Loaves and Fishes.

991) Brought some school supplies requested by my son’s teacher. Their supplies are dwindling.

992) Put away a friend’s equipment at the gym today who needed to leave quickly.

993) Motioned someone to go in front of me in the car.


2 thoughts on “School supplies”

  1. Linda –
    How very exciting! I can not believe you are so close to your goal. I’m so proud, happy and excited for you!

    I know you will keep inspiring and giving and making a difference one Mitzvah at a time!

    You are an encouragement and inspiration and I’m glad that our desire for giving has brought us together!

  2. Hi Linda,

    You’ve traversed a very touching journey over the past two years. I admire you very much. As I’ve told you before, I am sure your father would have been very happy to see your work.

    When I married him in 1963, your Dad wanted to be a film director and he had many interesting ideas. One of the themes he spoke of was called “The Cause Seeker.” As I understood it, he wanted to find a mission in life and take it on. Maybe it was plural — “seekers” — and might have involved other people, but I don’t remember.

    Your father always had a new idea and for a long time, he was one of the young executives at ABC who read over story proposals for TV series that came in to the network.
    I have always wondered if his original idea of two brothers — one a priest and one a criminal — might have made a TV series or a movie had it ever come to fruition.

    Your father was eager to join in with others in their causes, especially in the area of civil rights. I recall him really excited to join the group in Selma, Alabama in their march. He did not go to the march; however, we welcomed people of any color into our lives and hearts.

    The two most prominent were Alma and “Chink” Hines, mother and father of the two little tap-dancers who went on to fame as Gregory and Maurice Hines. It was not without much forethought that we asked Greg to be your godfather. It is such a pity that Greg passed away at such an early age.

    There were also our neighbors Bob and Donna (for the life of me, I cannot recall their last name). Bob was a handsome black man, and Donna was white. These people endured a lot of hostility on the streets as an interracial couple. We always had a wonderful time entertaining them. I am sorry I lost track of them after your father and I moved to Florida in March 1969.

    Anyway, I hope you have found the cause that you are seeking. I love you and so does your “bonus” Dad!


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