Performing Bikur Cholim

994) My dear friend at our synagogue asked me to help out on a Bikur Cholim project.

What is Bikur Cholim? Bikur cholim, “visiting the sick,” in Hebrew, is a term encompassing a wide range of activities performed by an individual or a group to provide comfort and support to people who are ill, homebound, isolated and/or otherwise in distress. Bikur cholim can include such activities as: visiting patients in a hospital, rehabilitation center or nursing home; visiting people who are restricted to their home because of physical or psychological impairment or social isolation;visiting patients in a hospital, taking people who are ill or impaired on errands or field trips; providing telephone contact and reassurance to those who are ill or homebound.

I was asked to send condolence cards to members who had recently lost a loved one on behalf of the synagogue’s Bikur Cholim committee. I didn’t know the recipients or the deceased, but in writing those cards, I some how felt connected with another person experiencing loss. I know my friend thought I could write these cards from my heart. I believe I did.

Your synagogue or community likely has a group like this one to provide comfort to others, maybe you’d like to join it too.


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