What a day…. 1000th Mitzvah Celebration!


How to sum up May 18th and our 1000th Mitzvah Celebration at the Sunshine Pantry? A fabulous success. Margie Boule columnist from the Oregonian, wrote a wonderful column in our Sunday paper.

Yesterday, when I got to the food pantry at  12 noon they had already received more than 50 bags of food. It was absolutely amazing. The volunteers and Sharon Strauss, director of the Sunshine Pantry worked tirelessly all day long sorting and shelving the food brought in. Normally this food pantry serves 35-70 families a day.

Did we reach our goal of 1000 bags of food? Not yet!  However, so far we have received approximately 450 bags and we estimate that at about 2,000 lbs of food. That’s alot of food! Of course, the pantry is still accepting donations everyday and will continue to have a need to fill for the many families it serves. I hope that if you didn’t have a chance to come by  yesterday you might still visit and check out this marvelous place.

I also want to thank the Albertsons for the cake, Party Depot for the balloons, New Seasons for the donation of food and laborers and Seventh Generation for their generous financial contribution.

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated, those that called and emailed, the folks from New Seasons Market who helped sort, those that sent money to the pantry and everyone who dropped off  food yesterday. You have each done a mitzvah. Thank you so much.

The pantry shelves
Sharon Strauss and I awaiting donations
Sharon Strauss and I awaiting donations

2 thoughts on “What a day…. 1000th Mitzvah Celebration!”

  1. WOW! 2,000 lbs of food for your local food pantry! I can only imagine how many deserving people will benefit from your huge heart of giving!

    You are such an inspiration to so many of us! You are making such a difference!

    Great job on your 1,000th Mitzvah! I’m so proud of you!

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