Bag of Love

2nd red bag of love

When people send you thank you notes or notes of gratitude  what do you do with them? I suggest you find a special bag, book or box and put all of these notes into it. You would be amazed how that bag or book can help you on a difficult day. It can be a reminder  that you are loved and have made a difference in other people’s life.

I ran into a friend the other day who reminded me about this concept. He had worked as a chaplain at a local hospital. There he met a women who had created her own bag and had called it her Bag of Love. She had saved all of the notes, trinkets and little thank you gifts anyone had ever given her.  I love my journal of love. I save the cards I receive. What a wonderful way to visibly remember that what we do in this life matters to others. Incase you forget how fabulous you are, your can grab your bag of love to remind yourself.


One thought on “Bag of Love”

  1. When I was in college, my major advisor (social work) recommended we keep a “good feelings” folder. Thirty-four years later, I find it still keeps me going. An unexpected benefit has been that it reminds me that, individually, each one of us does make a difference.

    Thanks for sharing!

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