A bathroom angel

zipperLast week,  I dashed into the bathroom prior to a meeting. I was on the agenda to give a speech that day and wanted to take care of all important items of business beforehand. Much to my dismay, I suddenly realized that the zipper on the side of my pants was stuck. There was no way I could get it to budge. I made a quick decision and decided I better wait until after my speech to tend to the matter. I waited until my turn, gave my speech and quickly dashed back to the bathroom. At that point, I was getting desperate. A women was coming out of the bathroom and I asked for her assistance. She knelt on the floor and giggled the zipper until it slid down. I asked if she would wait to help me zip it up. When I came out she was waiting to help me again. I was beyond grateful. This complete stranger spent several minutes and helped me in a very private and elemental way. I never got her name but thanked her for her help. The rest of the day, I kept thinking what a wonderful mitzvah I had received from a stranger.


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