A Father’s Day with a new tradition

I received a call tonight from a friend’s mom looking for contact information for the Sunshine Pantry. She told me she had decided this year in honor of Father’s Day she was going to have her children and grandchildren bring food items and offer their assistance to the Sunshine Pantry to restock shelves or whatever else they could do to help. ” We have what we need and I would love the opportunity to give back to other families that don’t have what they need this year.”  She’s right and what a great idea for celebrating a holiday with your family.

What do you have planned for Father’s Day this year? Maybe your family has a great idea for a way to spend a holiday that gives back. If not, visit the The Hands On Portland calendar to see what opportunities are available to volunteer locally. There are still volunteers needed for many events this month. Perhaps you can help out Potluck in the Park any Sunday afternoon and help serve food to homeless men and women. There are options for ongoing opportunities as well as done in a day projects.

Send me any of your ideas for volunteering during a holiday, I’ll be sure to post them too!


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