Twisted Limb Paperworks offers Tikkun Olam award

Tikkun Olam Award for Bar/Bat Mitzvah student in 2009-2010

Tikkun Olam translates into healing the world or perfecting the world.  For different people this may mean different things including religious , political or social activities.

Today, I found an awesome green company called Twisted Limb Paperworks, based in South Central Indiana. They create colorful handmade 100% recycled paper using old colored office paper and grocery bags, recycled water, and include flowers, wildflower seeds, grass from their field and ferns from their woods. I know that more than once while working on my 1000 Mitzvah project, I mentioned how writing heartfelt notes of thanks or gratitude or a condolence card can make such a big difference. How cool to have such a wonderful source for green eco friendly cards. I was even more excited to discover that this company has just  announced their first annual Tikkun Olam Service Award for the mitzvah service project that offers the most creative and most impactful solution to an environmental or social problem in your community or the world.

To be eligible you must be between 11-13 years old and be having your bar/bat mitzvah in 2009-2010. Not only will you be able to share your story, you will also be eligible for some cool prizes.  Full details and all the information necessary to share your story is at: Twisted Limb Paperworks, check it out soon, the due date for submissions is in August!

Sounds like the perfect combination of green mitzvahs to me! I will put their information on my resource page as well.


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