Sometimes you want nosy neighbors

Runaway CarThis weekend my stepfather and husband had planned to spend the day hiking together. My stepfather parked his car on the right side of the street outside of our home and took off. About an hour later, our neighbors who I don’t know all that well and are currently staying at the house next door, rang the doorbell. The wife asked if we knew whose car was in front of our house because it had begun to roll down the hill. The husband was already in front of the car doing his best to stop it from rolling. I immediately ran out to stop the car too. I didn’t have the keys to the car and it was locked so we just did what we could to roll the car to the opposite side of the street where it could rest against the curb. My stepfather wasn’t suppose to be home for several hours but I sent him this picture and called so he would know what was going on.

I was so grateful to our neighbors for being aware and coming to tell us that something was amiss. Don’t forget to be that kind of a neighbor!


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