Automated Thank You Calls?

Today, I received a phone call from our local car dealership servicphone imagee department. Last week, my 10 year old van needed an additional several hundred dollars worth of maintenance while being inspected for my 90,000 mile service. Even though it was an unexpected expense my husband and I decided we would do all the recommended service. The service manager was very helpful, even saved me a few dollars by finding some coupons to bring the cost down.  He also got me a loaner car since the work spanned two days.

Today, I received an automated “thank you call” for choosing to use their service department and doing the service with their company. They gave me a number to call if I had any further questions. Frankly, I find this completely unacceptable. If you are going to bother to make calls or send notes thanking your customers, have a real person do it!   But to have an automated service calling seems pathetic. It actually turned me off and really made me consider if I’d want to use this company again. If the company really values their customers isn’t it worth a real person’s time to make these calls. Plus, if I did have a question, I would be speaking to a real person to share who could pass that information on to the appropriate department.  But a recorded message? I didn’t even have a chance to grab a pen for the phone number I was given to call if I had further comments.

That reminds me, last week the new salon my daughter visited called after her initial appointment to thank her for her business and invite her to come in again sometime. Now that is the kind of good customer service that I’m talking about.


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