Google Alert: Acts of Kindness

Feeling depressed about the economy, the stories you read in the news or see on television?  Why not create  a Google search for “acts of kindness” and have daily stories sent to your email each day. I decided to do this a few weeks ago, because I was looking for information to share on my blog now that I have completed my 1000 Mitzvah project. What I discovered? Each day there are a plethora of positive stories about wonderful people in the world. Each day, I feel gratitude and excitement, rather than depression and sadness.

A few weeks ago, I read a story out of New York. A young women who had been in a car accident sent a wonderful letter to the editor detailing the terrible crash that she had walked away from and the generosity and hospitality that had been extended to her from complete strangers. This was her way of saying thank you to that community.

The week before that there was the story of a jeweler giving out small gifts in his community as an act of kindness as well as a promotion of his company. It was an interesting idea and while he did have a few cynics comment about his tactics, many of the recipients were just grateful for their small find.

As I learn about other interesting stories, I will post them on my blog.


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