A blogger update…

I have been an infrequent blogger this past month. Many of you know that after completing my 1000th mitzvah I wasn’t exactly sure what to write about on my blog after I had actually completed the project. I originally thought that I would blog about other do gooders but that hasn’t  materialized very well.

Of course, it is true that since I finished my project in May, I  still continued to do mitzvahs and every once in a while engaged in a certain mitzvah  I would think it would make a great blog post but alas I wouldn’t write the post about it either. I spent most of the summer running an auction for a summer camp my children attend. Luckily, it kept me outside a great deal of the summer but not much blogging took place. It was a wonderful experience and we raised more money than any previous auction so that was a great outcome.  I have continued to be a guest blogger for several months now at the Portland Family Monthly blog with posts about parenting, motherhood or my role as a wife.

So what else have I been doing these past few months? Well, I actually have exciting news. In August, I attended the Willamette Writers Conference here in Portland, Oregon. I pitched my idea of a book about my 1000 Mitzvahs project to several people. The response was overwhelmingly positive. I have been working in earnest the past month making sure to create a proposal for my book that would convey what I learned and share some of my favorite mitzvah stories from my project. It is still far from done and I am not solidified on a publisher yet but I am very excited and passionate again about writing and sharing this experience. I look forward to some mitzvah opportunities during my book development experience. That’s a category I hadn’t originally planned on.

Thanks for reading!


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