One Million Acts of Kindness – a Bus Tour

I jus1000 acts of kindnessmain-logo-newt learned about Bob Votruba whose mission is to perform One Million Acts of Kindness in his lifetime. The 54-year-old Cleveland native and father of three, has taken his dog Bogart, a Boston Terrier in a converted school bus repainted blue that is their home on the road. His mission to help educate the world on how acts of kindness can transform our world. He is traveling to colleges and schools across the nation to share his important message.

It all started with some stickers Bob created in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks over six years ago that said Sow only the Seeds of Love. After the Virginia Tech massacre, he was called to Blacksburg, VA  in the days that followed. There he handed out stickers and talked with many people. When he returned home he received many emails and that powerful emotion stuck with him and he decided he needed to share his message in a bigger way.

His goal is to reach out to children, teens, and young adults when their minds are open and their personalities are developing.  He hopes to teach them kindness, empathy and a generosity for others.  By living in kindness they will discover the happiness that they can bring to those around them, and ultimately to themselves as well.   Nothing could be more important in the world than this.

I know that when Bob makes his way to the West Coast we will connect. Check out his website, One Million Acts of Kindness and you can be part of the Kindness Project when he arrives in your city.


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