A sudden snow storm

Apparently, snow brings out the best in people. At least that’s how it was felt today in Portland, Oregon. We had a SUDDEN and unpredicted snow storm that dumped several inches of snow on our city in a few short hours. When the storm started mid-afternoon my daughter and I were beginning to do our grocery shopping and gather a few party supplies for a New Year’s Eve celebration. In the course, of our driving to our two destinations, we saw at least four  people helping strangers with vehicles struggling in the snow. Portland, as you can imagine, is ill-equipped for snow storms and very few people have proper snow tires or four-wheel drive to get around. Even my daughter noticed everyone helping each other and said,” Snow makes the worries of the world disappear.” Well of course unless you really do have to drive in it, but for today we will just enjoy the beautiful white snow that fell and the people we saw helping each other get around safely.


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