Lunchtime Mitzvah — Fork It Over Beaverton School District

Looking for a mitzvah project that makes a real difference but doesn’t take much time? I have the perfect lunch time mitzvah for you!

Several months ago, I signed up to volunteer for a project called “Fork it Over!”.  This is a Metro food donation program that seeks to reduce hunger and waste in the Portland, Oregon Region by coordinating organizations that have food to donate with food rescue agencies like the Sunshine Pantry which is where I held my 1000th Mitzvah celebration.

Our Beaverton School District, recently  joined the many area businesses that have committed to reducing waste and fighting hunger. When I first learned about Fork it Over, I volunteered to help with a pick up before Spring Break.  This was a program recently implemented through the school district to help ensure that the food from the school cafeterias wouldn’t be wasted during the holidays. Now with the help of many volunteers, the cafeterias donate to these rescue agencies twice weekly.

Last Friday,  I was reminded how quick and effortless this opportunity is when I volunteered for another shift.  I went to two schools picked up TONS of great food and delivered it to the Sunshine Pantry all in less than 45 minutes. I realized that someone who works full time and wants a meaningful yet quick volunteer opportunity could easily help in the Fork It Over Program. What a great way to spend your lunchtime and help others.

To sign up to volunteer, email the program at:


3 thoughts on “Lunchtime Mitzvah — Fork It Over Beaverton School District”

  1. Hey Linda – this sounds like a really amazing program, however when I called Fork It Over, they really didn’t have a good idea of how one would volunteer – did you contact the School District or Sunshine Pantry? This seems like such a great idea, and I would love to help out, if I could! Thanks for the idea and direction!

    – Kathy B

  2. Hello Kathy – I corresponded with Linda last night about this and the best way to start helping with Fork It Over is to send an email to: I am one of the coordinators for the volunteer program in Beaverton School District. if you send us a request for information we will get you started from that email request.

    I know Linda is planning on getting that information attached to her blog, but I decided to check the blog to see what it says. I love it – any advertising we get is fantastic.

    Thanks for taking an interest!

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