A mitzvah received at the grocery store

Last Friday, I stopped at the market on my way to school for the teacher appreciation luncheon. I was late and was rushing to get my allotment to donate. I had offered to bring drinks, cups and ice. I rushed through the store grabbing what I needed and returned to my car to get to school as fast as possible. When I was putting my groceries on the front seat of my car a gentleman, walked by and casually asked, “Are those bags yours?” I didn’t know what he was referring to, but I walked around to the back of the car with him and saw several of my recycled bags had fallen to the ground underneath my car, including several reusable mesh vegetable bags I had just purchased the week before. “Yes, thank you so much.” I replied. I couldn’t believe how grateful I felt at this simple act of kindness.


Sometimes people forget that, it is often the simple acts that really help another person. In my haste, I am sure that I would have driven away from my bags on the ground and never realized where they went. The feeling of gratitude lasted for several hours and even the next week when I used those mesh vegetable bags at the grocery store and remembered the man who’d returned them to me.

Each and everyday you can be the person who helps another. Pay attention to the little things around you and perhaps you can be like the man at the grocery store.


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