Reduce + Recycle = Rewards: RecycleBank

Do you know that you can earn rewards from many major retailers just for tracking your recycling efforts?

Thanks to a group called RecycleBank, you can record the amount you recycle and earn rewards from many participating retail outfits.

RecycleBank serves over one million people in 20 states across the United States, and that number continues to increase every week.

Started in 2005, RecycleBank began by financially rewarding households based on their recycling efforts because they knew they would be able to reach people in every neighborhood in the US. Now they are expanding their services to financially reward people for taking further action including more efficient use of water, use of solar or wind power, utilizing public transportation and purchasing products that have been manufactured with recyclable content.

Check out their RecycleBank website and sign up to earn your own “green” money!


2 thoughts on “Reduce + Recycle = Rewards: RecycleBank”

  1. So Linda – my ‘Mitzvah coach’ –

    I bought 4 Chico bags this weekend and have used them twice already!

    I offered to baby-sit a friend’s three young kids so she can have a break and go out with a friend (since she is divorced and isn’t able to get out much).

    You are right, it is contagious!

  2. Hello there!

    I actually stumbled across this topic from another blog. In efforts to help with the green evolotion I started a company that blocks the printing process at ATM machines and sends the receipt direcetly to your mobile. Its a need that has not been met and I am taking a poll to get feed back. When time allows please participate in the poll below!

    Would you like receipts from the ATM delivered on your mobile?

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