How’s your luck?

Do other people comment to you how lucky you are, because good things keep happening to you? Perhaps they notice how you encounter lucky situations everywhere you go and they don’t. Recently, I received a link to a fascinating article from my DailyGood email, whom I’ve mentioned before on my blog. This article refers to research done by Richard Wiseman many years ago about luck. He found that unlucky people honestly believe that they are just unlucky. They don’t often see that their thoughts and behaviors might be a large part of their misfortune. Wiseman notes that  lucky people consistently follow these three principles:

1) They follow their intuition.

2) Take chances and don’t do the same thing day in and day out.

3) Look at a positive side of their bad fortune.

It seems luck may not be so much something that happens to you, but rather a result of how you focus your attention. So guess what you can get luckier. Just learn what lucky people do and work to do the same. What a cook and interesting concept.

To read the entire article: Be Lucky, It’s an Easy Skill to Learn.


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