Washed Ashore – recycling garbage as a metaphor for life

“We all have garbage that washes ashore,” Angela Pozzi says. “Either you ignore it and it accumulates, or you face it, see something besides pain and misery … and try to find hope and beauty.”

Pozzi, a retired art teacher should know about garbage. After losing her husband, Craig Pozzi at age 61, from an initially undetected brain tumor and settling an insurance claim for misdiagnosis she relocated to the Oregon coast where she conceived of the idea to use garbage collected from the sea to make art.  Her project Washed Ashore uses garbage including tires, cans, toothbrushes, styrofoam and hundreds of plastic water bottles to create fanciful sea creatures. She hopes to be a partner and help raise the awareness of the effects of plastics on our environment.

She founded Artula Institute for Arts and Environmental Education, a non profit and has called for artists to apply for residences at a home on the beach. This month she has five in residence.

She has found her calling in this new art from and has discovered that out of her grief she has found an important project and hopes to share it with other artists and communities. She hopes they will copy, improve and learn from her idea.

To learn more about Washed Ashore visit their website.


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