Sammy Rides – Pediatric Cancer Research Fundraising Bike Ride

Often times after tragedy comes inspiration. That’s exactly what this story is about.  A friend of ours lost her niece, Sammy Rotman on September 17, 2008 after a two year battle with cancer. She was just 9 years old and had osteosarcoma, a form of pediatric cancer. This week my friend posted on her Facebook page a link to a video called Sammy Rides. It turns out that my friends parents and Sammy’s grandparents, Michael and Lois Libenson who were devastated by the loss of their granddaughter decided to do something with their grief that would honor Sammy. They have  set out with a project that will not only raise money and awareness about pediatric cancer it will show the world that retired folks are a force for good. They are active, vital and have time to make a difference in the world. They are planning a 60 day, 2,400 mile ride across the southern states from Sun City, Arizona to Sun City Center, Florida next March – May 2011.

The video literally brought me to tears knowing that this family who had experienced such a huge loss in their life has been moved to action. It is an honor to their granddaughter and one they hope will help many other children in the future. They have also mobilized their community by their passion and vision. Their slogan, Grandparents Riding for the Health of Grandchildren is awesome.

To learn more about their upcoming cross-country bike ride or donate visit their website at: Sammy Rides.


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