Vacation Mitzvah Received

Last weekend, my husband and I celebrated my birthday in Astoria, Oregon. It was a relaxing weekend even though my actual birthday was a dreary and stormy day. We rested, ate delicious food and even visited the two books stores in town and the tea shop that sadly will soon be closing.

On Saturday night, we joined friends for a birthday dinner at a  restaurant they’d recommended called the Silver Salmon. During our dinner, my cell phone rang at least three times. It was each of our children checking in with us. Each time I whipped the phone out so it wouldn’t disturb other patrons and we could speak to our kids and quietly get off the phone.

Dinner ended, our  weekend concluded and on our way home I suddenly realized that a small leather business card holder I own was missing out of my purse. I was so disheartened since like most people I hate misplacing or losing something. I called the hotel and asked if they would double check the room for me but they didn’t find it. The next morning, I suddenly realized what probably happened, when I pulled out my phone at the restaurant the card holder came out and fell on the floor under the table. I called the restaurant and got an employee on the phone, after explaining the situation he went to look under the table and found my card holder. I was so happy I thanked him and asked if I could send him a few dollars and he could stick it into an envelope and send it to me. He sounded unsure and when I heard his hesitation I asked if there was a manager I could talk to instead. I called back an hour later and spoke to the manager who assured me that they could send me card holder soon. Two days later, it showed up in my mailbox. It’s amazing that such a simple thing as getting something back that you’ve lost can make you so grateful. I am so appreciative and have already sent my thank you note to let them know and I am sure that I will remember Astoria even more fondly than I might have with this experience.


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