Carpool Mitzvahs Received

As any parent knows, driving your children to their activities can really take it’s toll. I literally feel some days that when that school bell rings at 3:05pm I am shlepping one or the other of my children for nearly the next four hours. I am new to this carpool game having held off for years on the multiple day commitment for activities, preferring to let my kids just choose one activity each so the shlepping wouldn’t get out of control. This year it seemed unlikely for that to continue, especially  if they were to continue to participate in their Hebrew school lessons and atleast one physical activity each. So this year has become a bit of a logistical carpool checker game.

However, help arrived recently from two different sources. Two parents heading near my house on the way to school  and from Hebrew school both offered to drive my daughter this year. The catch in both of these situations is that neither have expected me to reciprocate. One even said, “No big deal, just pay it forward.”

It’s been remarkably hard for me to simply accept these two offers even though I know I’ve done my share of offering and shlepping other kids over the years. Both of these offers have helped ease the burden, but have also made me feel  like I am taking advantage of someone’s generosity. This different prospective though is a good one to acknowledge. Throughout our lives we will sometimes be the giver and sometimes the receiver and both are important and worthy of conscious gratitude.  I am aware right now that the best thing I can do is be grateful and appreciative rather than trying to give back to this same person. Remembering this has been a good lesson for me.


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