Challah for Hunger

This past weekend, I learned about an incredible grassroots organization and had to share! On Shabbat at synagogue, our Rabbi mentioned  that some “local activists” had begun baking challah bread each week in Portland and donating all the proceeds to charity. I was excited and thought that was a pretty cool idea. What I didn’t realize at the time was that this is a nationwide effort powered by young 20 years olds on college campuses all over the United States. There are currently chapters in dozens of states and to date they have raised close to $175,000 to feed  hungry people around the globe. It is cool on so many levels. You’ve got the kids themselves volunteering, involved in marketing, learning how to bake and raising funds for important causes and you have fresh bread that community members can purchase each week to enjoy with their own Shabbat meals.

Eli Winkelman their founder, shares more about their organization in the video below. Check it out and hop on their website Challah for Hunger to learn more. You will likely find a location nearby where you can either volunteer or purchase their challah.


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