One Million Acts of Kindness on the Kindness Bus

I connected with Bob a few years ago when I read about his One Million Acts of Kindness efforts to do good in the world. Currently Bob is driving around the country in a hand painted bus, traveling and speaking at college campuses about doing Acts of Kindness in the world. He shares the bus with his companion Bogart, a three year old Boston Terrier. Bob and Bogart are making a difference everywhere they go.

Bob called me a few weeks ago to ask if I would join him in to spread the word about his upcoming Acts of Kindness week scheduled for February 14-20, 2011. What do you need to do to get involved? It’s simple. Invite a friend or encourage your book club, bridge club, colleague or family members to join you and find some place to give of your time during this Acts of Kindness week. Last year, Bob had more than 2,000 groups participating in this weeklong opportunity and this year he wants to get 3,ooo groups involved.

I usually deliver Valentine-o-grams for the local meals on wheels program on February 14th each year, so this year maybe I will volunteer and invite a few friends to join me in their own cars so we are more of a community force. I will look for an additional opportunity as well that week. If you aren’t sure where to find out about volunteer opportunities visit the HandsOn network in your area. They have community calendars with opportunities for volunteer service where you live.

Visit Bob’s website at One Million Acts of Kindness to sign up and join in the fun.


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