Remembering Birthdays – New Year’s Resolution that’s fun and doable

Let’s face it most of us want to acknowledge the birthdays of our friends and family but it’s a hassle to run to the store and buy a card every time there is a birthday and sometimes we forgot to do it. Last week, fellow Toastmaster, Linda R. shared a great way we can remember and acknowledge all of our family and friends birthdays this year.

Here’s the idea:

1) Go to the store soon, this weekend or this week, with the list of all the friends and family you’d like to send birthdays cards to. Remember to buy a roll of stamps and pick up a few Get Well and Sympathy cards as well to have on hand during the year for the times you will  inevitably need them.

2) When you get home, label and stamp each card and use a sticky note to write the date on each card when it must be mailed to your relative or friend in order for it to arrive in time for their birthday.

3) Make sure the birthdays are also listed in your calendar with a note to send the card. Keep the cards in a convenient spot. Now when you see in your calendar that someone’s birthday is coming, all you need to do is write a note in the card and stick it in the mailbox.

Linda did mention that she spent about $100 the day she bought the cards, but it’s an investment for the whole year and likely what you’d spend anyway if you bought each card separately.

Good Luck! I think this will make a huge difference in whether we actually remember to send birthday cards this year or not.

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2011!

P.S. I am extra excited this year because not only will we have a Bat Mitzvah to celebrate, we will have a 1000 Mitzvah book to celebrate as well. Expect it in bookstores by 11-02-2011!


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