Follow the Leader

I have written about Hands On Portland before on my blog. I am writing about them again today because they have just launched  a new Follow the Leader campaign that might intrigue some of you.

The  HandsOn Network — provides tools, resources, training and volunteer opportunities to enable concerned citizens to improve their schools, protect their environment, ensure the economic well-being of their friends and neighbors, and assist with emergency/disaster relief efforts.

The Follow the Leader campaign is meant to channel the energy of service created by volunteers who worked on Martin Luther King Jr., Day of Service. It’s easy. Visit the website and commit to doing a volunteer project. After you have completed your project  you can report back what you’ve accomplished. You may be eligible for prizes and you will certainly enjoy the continued opportunity for giving.

So what are you waiting for, sign up today and start your New Year off right by finding a meaningful way to be in service to others.


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