Doing Mitzvahs

Last week, I invited you to join me in doing a mitzvah each week.

How is it going? Have you had any mitzvah moments this week? Any small change in your focus or attention on doing your part to make this world a better place.

I volunteered to answer phones during the OPB winter fundraiser. I hadn’t volunteered for this job in more than ten years. My shift began at 6:30am and I invited my mom to join me! Donation information was no longer taken by volunteers on a paper with pencil, it was all computerized and pretty easy to use. I realized that I loved answering those phones and I promised myself, I wouldn’t wait another ten years to volunteer there again. I also received the best kind of a mitzvah a parent can get, a compliment about my child from his teacher. Sometimes, in this life of raising kids, when your not always sure how it’s going, those comments are a gift! This teacher’s comment made me smile ear to ear all day long.

So what about you? What actions did you give or receive this week that made you smile?

Here are a couple of suggestions for this week that center around the grocery store… see if you can put one of these into action…

Offer to carry someone’s bags to their car

Let someone go in front of you who only has an item or two

Bring your bottles to the bottle return and donate the money

Drop a few coins into the coin canisters at the register for a local non-profit organization

I learned this week that Loaves & Fishes Centers, who serve the greater metropolitan Portland area by feeding 5,000 seniors each day in their 34 centers, raises over $20,000 in those coin canisters each year. Enough to feed their entire client population for a day. That is no chump change! So go ahead and put your loose change in a non-profit canister today!

Remember though your small act of kindness may seem simple, it is like throwing a pebble into a still lake, the ripple continues even after that initial contact.

I’d love to hear your stories!


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