Spare Change…and Girls Scout Cookies

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some ideas for easy mitzvah opportunities including giving your spare change to a local non-profit. Yesterday, while checking out at Powell’s book store, I spotted this amazing meter that was collecting spare change for several local charities including Sisters of the Road. Perhaps you can snag a meter like this for your charity and park it somewhere to raise awareness and funds for your organization.

This week’s mitzvah idea, stop and buy Girl Scout Cookies. Unless you live in a place where there are no Girl Scout troops you might have noticed that stands are popping up all over and girls are working hard to share their wares. Why not support them, it might even be a fun way to buy a gift for a friend, colleague or a co-worker as a surprise or a thank you. That way you would actually be doing two good things in one!

According to the Girl Scouts website, “girls set cookie goals to support their chosen activities for the year, to fund community service and leadership projects, to attend summer camp, to travel to destinations near and far and to provide events for girls in their community.”

They are learning business, leadership and entrepreneur skills through their cookie sales to the tune of $700 million dollars. Plus, “all of the proceeds—every penny—from a local council’s cookie activities remains in the area where the cookies are sold.”  So don’t walk by the stand, stop and purchase a box or two. They freeze well, are kosher and are great for sharing too!


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