Post a comment: promote a book, blog or article.

Read book a few months ago, wrote to author

Have you ever read a blog, article or book that really moved you, taught you something or inspired you? Yes, so have I. Many times after I have read a great book or an article, especially now with the ease of the internet, I run to the computer and dash off a note to the author. I might even send a link out on Twitter or Facebook promoting the work as well so others learn about it. It doesn’t have to take you more than 10 minutes to put down your ideas and thoughts about the writer’s words and why they have affected you. I have had some amazing immediate connections with authors whose work I’ve just read. It’s so exciting to get a response, but even when I don’t I know that I have let the writer know that there written words have made a difference to me. So this week my challenge to you is to take that 10 minutes and to spend the time posting a comment, sending a note or an email and let a writer know how their thoughts and words have touched you. Share with the author what you have learned or how you have been moved by their work. It’s just a simple thing but powerful both for the writer and for you.

This may seem similar to a mitzvah I posted in the past with regards to sending a thank you note to someone who has helped you or has impacted your life, but it isn’t the same. This mitzvah gives you a chance to tell a stranger how they have helped you and that’s different from sending a thank you note to someone you know more deeply because it really is putting your kinds words and good karma further out in the world when you share it with a complete stranger. I can tell you first hand that receiving a note, email or post like this is absolutely thrilling.

If you have any great stories or replies or something interesting that happens because of your taking the time to send a comment or note, please let me know. I’d love to hear your story.


9 thoughts on “Post a comment: promote a book, blog or article.”

  1. You inspire me every single time I read your blog. You are a huge blessing in my life. I always come away with a smile, a thought to ponder or an idea to put into practice.

    You, my blog land friend, lift my spirit up, up and away always.

    Thank you, simply thank you.
    Grace and Peace, Daleen

  2. After reading that post I wanted to write and tell you that I think your blog is really inspiring! Thankyou for putting so much beautiful positivity out into the world. 🙂

  3. You know, I am constantly leaving comments like you discussed, but sometimes I wonder if people actually read or pay attention to what I write. How much of what is written today on the Internet is ever really read? I wonder…oh well, thanks for your thoughts on your post. It touched me to still continue to reach out in my comments

  4. The book that touched me the most has to be the book titled “A Child Called It”. The book is about a little boy who is so abused and neglected that his mother referred to him not by his name but simply “it”. The book will bring you to tears.

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