Bring snacks to share!

Today’s mitzvah idea: Bring the snacks! In our house, we are beginning to accumulate quite a few after school activities which means on any given day, I might be waiting for a dance or singing lesson, or at a football or basketball practice. Welcome to the world of parenting in the 21st century. This is probably the first year that our schedule has gotten pretty complicated and my husband and I are sharing the driving to many concurrent events. Of course, when life gets this busy one of the first things that goes by the wayside is eating well. Even as a proponent of good quality home cooked meals I catch myself wanting to make quick, fast meals. My crock pot and I are good friends and thank goodness it helps me provide delicious meals effortlessly. But one thing that seems harder to be consistent with is remembering to always have good healthy snacks and not just for the kids. I usually do remember something for the kids and then realize while I wait at the practice that I am actually hungry too.

Yesterday, was the perfect example. My son and I were at his football practice and game and while I had eaten a small lunch, by the middle of the game I was feeling kind of hungry. I was so grateful when a friend and another mom pulled out some trail mix and nuts she had brought and was happy to share her snacks with me. I realized with her simple gesture how important it is to take care of ourselves while taking care of our families. She told me she likes to have food around just in case. I laughed and told her that was the Jewish mother in her – though she’s not Jewish.

So this week or this month, bring some snacks to share with other parents. Pick up some extra nuts, raisins, trail mix or a bag of oranges or apples and bring them with you to the practices for your kids. I promise another parent will be delighted that you have a little extra to share with them. I know I was!


One thought on “Bring snacks to share!”

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