Where do you get your inspiration?

From your friends, your family, the internet?

Over the past two years, I have befriended several men and women from around the country and the world who are on similiar kindness projects as the 1000 Mitzvah project. Everytime I read a blog post from one of these people I am inspired and delighted to see what power there is in each small acts of kindess we undertake.

Perhaps you are not surrounded with such positive inspiration. Subscribe to any of these blogs and I expect that after a few weeks you will be inspired too.

Eric Winger : resolvetogive.wordpress.com

Jill Ginsberg: Hundreds of Hundreds

Catherine Wright: yearofkindness.wordpress.com

Bob and Bogart: onemillionactsofkindness

Alli Seigel : 365daysofgoodness


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