Great simple summer mitzvah ideas

Today is the last day of school for my kids! Can’t believe how fast this year has passed by. Anyway, with summer finally here, I thought I’d share a few great, easy mitzvah ideas for summer.

  1. Take a cooler and fill it with popsicles, ice cold water or cans of soda and give them to the counselors at your kids camp. My kids go to an outdoor camp so it’s particularly gratifying on a very hot summer day. Construction workers, gas attendants – okay so maybe that’s only an Oregon thing – or other folks who work outside might be delighted to receive a cold drink as well. Just think who might appreciate a cold drink on a hot day.
  2. Pick up some bubbles at the dollar store. Pass the bubbles out at a park, swimming pool, the skate park or fountain where kids hang out in the summer.
  3. Offer to take another mom’s children for a few hours. Summer can be a hard time to be a parent and sometimes a few hours can make all the difference to a mom or dad. Take the child to a park, the library or out for an ice cream.
  4. Carpool. Gas prices are soaring. Offer to do a carpool with someone you know to save time and money.
  5. Bring flowers to a friend, neighbor or elder. Ditto with berries, a jar of jam, some fresh veggies, a homemade pie or whatever other summery delicacy you’d like to share.
  6. Donate books. Children’s Book Banks give books to children in need. Have your kids gather any books they no longer want and donate them to this very worthy cause. Offer to volunteer at a book bank to get the books ready for donation.
  7. Donate your stuffed animals to a worthy charity.
  8. Invite some neighbor kids over for an art day. Create an “imagination” station, using old materials you might have laying around like egg cartons, cereal boxes, juice cartons, soda bottles, scraps of paper, fabric and some glue to make some really ingenious creations.
  9. Have a lemonade stand to raise money for a charity your kids care about. Have your kids make signs and afterwards contact the charity and see if you can donate the money in person. 
  10. Be the meter fairy. Plug someone’s meter.
  11. Host a block party or neighborhood barbeque. It’s a great way to get to know the people in your neighborhood.
  12. Mow a neighbor’s lawn.
  • Enjoy the sun and happy mitzvahing!


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