A Bat Mitzvah and receiving what is offered

Next week is my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. It will be celebrated with many family members and friends at an outdoor camp that my daughter has attended for many years called Willowbrook. It is a summer arts camp and it is there that she has discovered her love of drama, singing and music. We are excited for the weekend festivities and I am working hard to keep my to do list under control. I am so grateful for the help we have received from clergy, tutors, friends and family to help us prepare for such a big life cycle event.

Mitzvah idea for this week: receive help graciously. Sometimes in this life we give and sometimes we receive. This week I am open and receptive to as much help as I am offered and help I might need to ask for as well. It is the best option for sanity.

Have a great week. I’ll post again soon!

——– Just had to add a little post script! WordPress just notified me that this is my 360th post on this website. In Judaism, 18 means to life and many Jews use the multiples of 18  – 36, 54, 72 etc. when we give gifts and make donations. It is a significant number and I love the fact that this simple post about my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah coincides with this awesome number of posts. In case, you didn’t realize, I love synchronicity.


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