The Garbage Barrel

My new friend, Eric Winger who I’ve mentioned before on the blog, is on a similar path of discovery  this year as I was during my 1000 Mitzvah project. He has embarked on his own journey of giving and is chronicling it through his blog called Resolve to Give. Last week, we enjoyed a lunch together at the Oregon Community Foundation and listened to Jason Franklin who shared about his organization called Bolder Giving.

After a wonderful conversation, about giving of not only money but also our time, one of the organizers asked Eric and I how our projects have shaped us. Eric shared a simple story that reiterated to me how our sometimes small actions often do have larger and beneficial consequences. Eric had passed a Tri-met bus stop many times on his way to drop his children off at school and was discouraged by all the trash he kept seeing there. One day, he stopped and picked up the trash and proceeded to do this a couple of times until he thought to tie a garbage bag to the bus stop sign. He replaced the trash bag a few times over the course of several weeks.  Recently, to Eric’s amazement he drove by and saw an official garbage barrel now at the bus stop. Eric’s young son, asked Eric if he thought his actions had led to the garbage barrel being placed at the bus stop. Eric modestly told his son he couldn’t be sure, but I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Eric’s actions absolutely led to someone from the city placing a garbage barrel at the bus stop.

So what do you notice in your world that needs attention? What could you do to make a difference in your home, community or place of work? Go take a step to make a difference, because I promise you a few days where a garbage barrel shows up due to your efforts can make all the difference in your life. Thanks Eric for sharing this wonderful story with us!


5 thoughts on “The Garbage Barrel”

  1. You’re right! You just never know how your actions will influence others! Heartening to consider how panniemay spread though,isn’t it?

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