Delegating CAN be a mitzvah

I know it might sound crazy but I believe that delegating can be a mitzvah. I will explain why. I have been the chair of an auction for my children’s summer camp for  a couple of  summers. It is actually a fun auction since it takes place outside and is really low key but that said it still requires decisions be made, hours be spent and items procured. All things I am happy to do, but this summer I knew I couldn’t take on this job on top of my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. We all have time issues that need to be managed and sometimes we can’t say yes to doing something even when it is something we enjoy doing. So this summer, I looked for a replacement. I invited someone who had helped run the event in the past and hoped she’d be able to step up to chairing the event so that I wouldn’t be in charge. You know what, sometimes when we invite someone to participate, they step up to the plate. They have new ideas, fresh thoughts and can change things up in ways we might not have thought of and often these changes can be for the better. 

So delegating and inviting someone to chair an event, lead a group or step up to do something that might even be out of their comfort zone can be a growth for everyone. My only suggestion when delegating is to be available to the person you have encouraged. Answer any questions that might arise and offer guidance when asked. This can help someone grow in their new position without feeling abandoned. Ultimately the outcome can be a win win for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Delegating CAN be a mitzvah”

  1. I think blogging in itself is a Mitzvah. We share our knowledge and opinions with others. They read our words, and sometimes what we say empowers them to take an action, or make a decision that will help improve their life.

  2. I completely agree and love when I am inspired by another’s blog. Thanks so much for commenting!

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