In the lead up to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I have been feeling very melancholy. I chalked it up to several other things, back to school, kids growing up, some other family issues but I think that perhaps in my psyche it has been something about the overarching impact this day had on our country and the innocence it felt like it took away as well that has been on my mind. I personally didn’t know anyone who died in 9/11 and honestly living on the west coast when this occurred made it a very different experience than those living on the east coast, who were profoundly and intimately connected with the loss of lives. However, being in NYC this past May, I begin to grasp the magnitude of what New Yorker’s experienced 10 years ago today.

I have also struggled with “how to mourn, honor or just observe today.” I think I felt somehow guilty that I wasn’t drawn to many of the “official” events that were being organized all over town. When some kids activities (baseball and choir) were called for today I felt relieved that now I had something I had to do so I couldn’t actually attend some of the official events being organized, but still I had this nagging feeling that I couldn’t let this day go by unobserved. Late last night, I received an email from my friend Eric Winger whom I have written about before. He is organizing a food drive in his neighborhood to support our local Sunshine Pantry Food Bank that serves our town. Somehow, his call for food to help serve our community in honor of others felt appropriate. I will be stopping by later this morning to help him out and bring him some food donations. In addition, I have lit a memorial candle to memory of those lives lost.

It’s okay to mourn, grieve or observe a holiday or a day like today anyway that works for you. I think we are often concerned with doing the right thing and the right thing is different for everyone. No two people will experience a situation the same way and no two people will grieve or observe an event in the same manner. So finding what works for ourselves is essential.

Today, I honor the memory of those that lost their lives on September 11, 2001 in a way that works for me. I send light and love to those families who lost loved ones and who mourn in a profound way even today 10 years later.


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