Yom Kippur: Acknowledging The Mitzvahs We Performed

Several years ago, I wrote a  blog post, called For The Mitzvahs We Perform when I had just learned about Joseph Teluskin’s idea that instead of only asking forgiveness for the transgressions we have done in the past year we can also celebrate the mitzvahs we have performed. It is a simple idea but one I love.

So what mitzvahs have you performed this year? Have you given your time, money or stuff to another human being or organization. Have you held the door, made a silent prayer for someone in an ambulance, apologized to your children whose feelings you have hurt unfairly, returned a lost object to its owner, helped someone find work or have you refrained from doing something dishonest or hurtful. I bet you have. Perhaps you have even noticed your child, spouse or friend doing the same. When we put our attention on something it increases. This year perhaps you can move your attention away from all of your transgressions and begin to think about all of the mitzvahs you have or can perform.

We say: G’mar Hatimah Tova. May you be inscribed (in the book of life) for good.


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