Counting Gratitudes

My trip to California to launch the book tour has been absolutely magical. If there was any fear or doubt in the fact that this book would resonate for others, that fear has completely flown out the window while I have been here. It’s ever apparent that the fact that this mitzvah project began when I was grieving my father resonates for so many people. I have had several people come up to me to share that they have also lost an important person whether a spouse or parent and that they are grateful for my vulnerability in talking about this and giving some hope and perhaps an inkling of possibility of how someone might begin to process it. I am breathing it in because the truth is when I was working on the book, sitting alone in my living room I didn’t always trust myself when I envisioned this next stage. Gratitude.

In the book, I share the idea of keeping thank you notes that others send to you in a special bag, book or box – or if you are like me tuck them into a journal book and note on the page when you received the card. When you are having a tough day you can go back and look through those notes. It’s a visible reminder that you have made a difference to another human being. By the way, if you aren’t receiving many of these notes – start sending some of your own. Send five heartfelt notecards to folks you’d like to hear from. I brought my notebook with me to use as a prop this week on tour. I haven’t opened it and read anything that is inside for a very long time. Last night, I laid in bed and reread some of the notes and smiled as I fell asleep. Gratitude.

Yesterday, when my publicist Eva and I were leaving the Sac & Co. morning show where I had taped a segment, the receptionist thanked us for coming and offered her thoughts about the segment. She said that years ago she began counting gratitudes at night rather than counting sheep and she smiled as she said, “I sleep very fitfully.” Counting gratitudes, yes absolutely.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with countless gratitudes.

Portland friends- Join us at Powell’s Cedar Hills Crossing next Wednesday, November 2nd at 7pm. I will happily sign your 1,000 Mitzvah book.


One thought on “Counting Gratitudes”

  1. Hello Linda,

    It was a pleasure visiting with you over a meal at the San Jose Airport this past Friday. Your book 1,000 Mitzvahs is inspirational. I enjoyed reading it on my flight home. We often have so many opportunities each day to share random acts of kindness with strangers. We simply need to make this the norm and not the exception. I too lost my father to lung cancer a year ago. It is sad how this disease just consumes the body. My son and husband had planned to ride their bicycles across the United States this past summer, just for fun, however my son decided to ride for a cause and Pedal 4 Hope was born. As a family we worked together to make it happen. Check out my son’s website at The number of kind people they met across the United States was refreshing to see and hear my son write about in his blog. Keep spreading the random acts of 1,000 Mitzvahs. We know we will.

    Best Regards,

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