TEDx Conference Talk- Inspires others to do their own 1,000 Mitzvah projects

Yesterday, was a truly magical day. As I waited for my turn to speak at the TEDx conference (I was the second to last presenter) I was inspired by other men and women. I felt like each speaker had nuggets of wisdom and advice. I connected with Tama Kieves who wrote This Time I Dance that a colleague gifted to me a few years ago. She was a fellow presenter and her book and newsletter has inspired me immensely. I felt like a googlie eyed groupie when I realized she was also speaking at the conference and went up to introduced myself.

Tama Kieves and I
When it was my turn to speak, I shared my story of my father and I and how this mitzvah project has helped me heal and grow and has shifted me in so many ways. Ironically, yesterday was the 5th anniversary since my father’s death so it felt very poignant to be speaking about him and I clearly felt his presence with me when I was getting nervous before the talk.

At the conference, I shared that an anonymous donor had come to me last week to ask if I thought I could get others to commit to doing mitzvahs. We spoke about encouraging others to commit to doing 10 mitzvahs a week, or 50 mitzvahs this month or perhaps committing to their own 1,000 Mitzvah project. He offered to donate $1,000 dollars to the non profit of our choice if I could get others to commit to their own 1,000 Mitzvah project. I decided to use the TED platform to share this idea.

I was overjoyed when I asked by a show of hands who might commit to 10 mitzvahs this week? Almost the whole audience raised their hands. About 1/2 of them committed to working on 50 mitzvahs during the month of December and 5 people raised there hands to commit to doing their own 1,000 Mitzvah project, including a mom and her 11-year-old daughter. Two others came up to me after the talk that they also wanted to do it.

I have posted a new 1,000 Mitzvah Challenge link on my website. Do you want to join us? I would love to help and guide you into your own giving project. Fill out the form letting me know  you want to join and making a commitment to your project.

Then I suggest you look at some of the mitzvah ideas I have posted (under the about the book link). Feel free to pick up the book for additional suggestions. Get a journal or figure out where you can track your project. If you already have a blog yourself maybe your project can be integrated as part of the blog. Find a partner to join you, you’ll have more fun discussing this project with others. I promise you will have stories to share.

What I realized that made this project so powerful is that I had an intention and a goal and that kept me looking and engaged in wanting to do more mitzvahs. That will help you as well.

Looking forward to hearing what your up to. Please keep me posted!


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