Supporting a girl, a troop and a community, through Girl Scout Cookies

I always forget that it’s Girl Scout Cookie time until a neighbor girl or two knocks on my door to see if I’ll support her cookie drive. Then I start noticing girls and their troops outside of supermarkets and stores. How many Girl Scouts have come to you the past week or so asking if you’d support their Girl Scout Cookie drive? Do you realize that even if you have already bought cookies, or don’t even eat cookies you can still support the girls and their troop by buying at least one box and donating it? This year I noticed for the first time that I could check the donate box, supporting the girls while not consuming all of the calories myself…

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned the Girl Scout Cookie drive. Last year, I wrote a post about this topic and explained what the Girl Scout mission supports in case you don’t already know.

On Friday,  I received a lovely email from my friend Cynthia who has known me through the mitzvah project and recently shared my new book with her 8-year-old daughter Emma. Her daughter had called to see if I would buy some cookies from her this year.  It was her first year in Girl Scouts.

Cynthia says, ” I have to tell you a quick story, so you know about the continuing impact you have.  I told Emma you left a message and that although you had already purchased cookies from another girl scout, that you still wanted to buy a box to donate.  She said, and I quote “Mom, that’s one of those Mitzvah things isn’t it?”  I told her absolutely and that you didn’t stop doing Mitzvah’s just because you reached your goal of 1,000.  She then said to me “We will have to make sure to donate some boxes.”  I said are you willing to spend your own $4.00 to pay for one of the donated boxes and she said “Of course Mom, I can do Mitzvah’s too!”  Emma’s troop chose The Good Neighbor House for their donated cookies.”

What a lovely reminder that our actions can inspire another.

Today, seek out a Girl Scout and buy at least one box of cookies, plan to give it away or donate to someone who otherwise might not be able to buy a box. It will be a fun and delicious way to do a mitzvah.


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