Another 1,000 mitzvah project

Laura, Emily, Andy and Connor Ford

Earlier this week, I received a wonderful email.  It was from Emily Ford, an 11-year-old-girl whose mom had shared my book with her family. Laura had hoped that they might begin their own family mitzvah project. Even though Emily was a little reluctant at the beginning she did create a website and her family began their own 1,000 mitzvah project. On her website, she has included pictures from a trip her family took last year to Cambodia and she hopes to organize a fundraiser for the Caring for Cambodia organization. I hope this mitzvah project will help Emily reach her goal.

As this 1,000 mitzvah project and book has filtered into the world, it has brought me so many amazing moments. However, receiving this email was definitely one of the highlights so far. Ironically, practically every interview I do someone will ask if my children are inspired by the project and how it has influenced their own efforts to do mitzvahs. The truth is that it’s been harder to motivate my own family at times. I have written about this in previous posts. However, receiving an unexpected email from a stranger, another 11-year-old child makes me realize again that as human beings each of us has the opportunity to influence ourselves, our families, our communities and even strangers. It’s what makes this life so amazing. Seeing the Ford family and learning that they wanted to take on their own  family project was just thrilling.

It was definitely my hope when this book launched to offer people simple ideas for ways they could duplicate their own mitzvah project. Committing to large and small ways we can each give more during out life creates never-ending amounts of gratitude. I invite you to consider how committing to a mitzvah project might change your life too. Check out the link for Your Mitzvah Project and commit to joining in the fun. I can guarantee you will love the journey.


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