An introspective birthday


Yoga in the Yurt

Tuesday was my birthday. I love my birthday and I am sure many of you like yours too. Mine is in October. If I am lucky the weather is just turning a little more crisp, the leaves are changing and there is a sense that the school year is back in swing. We are in a period of renewed self-awareness, at least I always am because the Jewish High Holidays also often occur on or near my birthday.

This year, I decided to spend the entire day doing personal Self Care. A friend of mine recently wrote a booklet about self-care and for anyone who is a parent especially a mom, you know that often times we take care of everyone else and sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. So I chose to spend the day at a yoga class, getting a massage — yes, I have finally established with my husband that massage is not just a luxury but truly is a way to help maintain our health and wellbeing — and finally in the evening my husband and I  attended a cooking class/supper club with two local Oregon chefs that I have admired for years. The cooking classes were something I had wanted to do but had never prioritized doing before.

In my 20’s, it would have all been about the party. I would have wanted lots of people and a celebration, but in my 40’s I am beginning to realize that I love my own company and spending  a day with many hours in a quiet reflective space is just fine with me. In fact, it’s what I purposely chose to do for this birthday. The morning affirmation at yoga that day was, “In stillness I find my inner strength.” I think with our smart phone, 24/7 lives we sometimes lose sight of the fact that quiet time is not just a luxury it provides sanity and centering. It’s amazing to me that as I age I am gaining wisdom I didn’t expect and it’s a powerful thing.

Don’t wait until your birthday to do some self-care. Take some deep breaths, commune with nature and give yourself some reflective time with your own thoughts. It’s one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.


5 thoughts on “An introspective birthday”

  1. This is the exact philosophy I try to instill in my clients every day. We, as a culture, have forgotten how to receive. We are an age of givers (which is not bad in all ways) who have lost the value in the ebb and flow that life requires for us to live healthfully, happily, and fulfilled. It’s a give and a take. Sadly, many of us only know how to do one. Thanks for the post and the reminder. In health.

    1. Thank you so much for the the comment. I do think it’s hard to remember this in our daily culture, but like you said a must to a healthy, happy and fulfilling existence.

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