A birthday and a Yartzeit

IMG_1060Quick post for the day.  I am enjoying the calm as I await the weekend and the thought of 10 12-year-old boys descending on our house for a sleepover to celebrate my son’s 12th birthday. As I am preparing, I start reflecting as I am reminded that this is also the anniversary of my father’s death. It will be 6 years ago tomorrow December 1st that my father passed away. I have mentioned in years past that many Jews observe the death of a loved one on the Yartzeit date which fluctuates from year to year.

When my father first died, a colleague told me it was a blessing that he had passed away on my son’s birthday. As the years have passed, I have come to realize that I believe this sentiment is true. Time eases grief in many ways but so do new memories and journeys and the lessons we must all take away and learn from loss.

Perhaps, I think about my father less these days than in the initial days after his death but he is still part of my psyche encouraging me and cheering me on in my life, even if it is only through my mind when I get quiet. My birthday present to my son this year is the knowledge that he is loved, encouraged and supported as well as he celebrates another year of growth and maturity.

Happy Birthday Solomon! Dad, you are gone but not forgotten.


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