Asking for help when you need it

I have spoken about this before, but we often think that making a difference in life means doing something grand like donating a million dollars or starting a non profit that does gigantic things. Truth is while those are wonderful and important endeavors,. the small daily actions we take to help another person also make a difference and these smaller actions are something we can do each and every day when the opportunities present themselves.

This weekend, we were the recipients of one such small act of kindness that felt enormous.  We had a jammed packed schedule filled with recitals and practices and final games for each of my children. Sunday afternoon my son was scheduled to have his final football game and there was a celebration at a local pizza place scheduled as a last team celebration.Unfortunately, the pizza gathering was scheduled just two days before and my husband and I were already committed to attend a work function at the same time. I called a friend I thought might be able to help us and she wasn’t available. At the last minute, I called the parents of my son’s good friend. I explained the situation and without hesitation the mom said she was happy to take him to the pizza place and would drop him off afterwards at our home where his sister could watch him until we came home. Really it probably wasn’t that big a deal for this family, they live close to us and were already taking their own son anyway, however, my son was beyond grateful when he realized that in the end he wouldn’t miss the pizza celebration.

Of course life is about give and take, sometimes you are the giver and sometimes you are the receiver. I don’t have a problem asking for help. I know that I help others when I am asked and available so I figure when I need something I should just ask too. However, I know there are folks who struggle to ask for something they need. They don’t want to burden anyone or are stoic and don’t feel that they should ask for help. Instead of being afraid to ask, reframe that thought and realize that when you ask for help you are allowing and inviting someone to have the opportunity to perform a mitzvah. By asking, you are allowing someone else an opportunity to do good. So don’t be afraid to ask.

Today, ask for help if you need it and smile as you ask, remembering tomorrow you can always return the favor in some way.


Clean Up Your Own Mess!

Gross! Was it you who took your dog out this afternoon for a walk and let him poop on my sidewalk in front of my house and didn’t clean up the mess? I sure hope not! I hope you wouldn’t consider just walking away and not picking up what you are responsible for. Would you believe,  I have even stopped at a neighbor’s house (more than once and more than one neighbor) when I realized my dog left a small present and I didn’t have a bag to use to pick it up. Believe me my neighbors were thrilled to run and get me a bag so I could take my own dog’s poop home. Luckily for you, I had an extra bag today and cleaned up your mess! Next time you decide to walk away from your dog’s mess – please ring my doorbell instead, I will be happy to get you a bag and I am sure your neighbors will be too!

NaBloPoMo chooses December as Mitzvah month

Imagine my delight, when I turned my computer on today and found that my google alerts had found dozens of blogs with the word mitzvah in it. I clicked on one of the blogs and read that NaBloPoMo -National Blog Posting Month has chosen the theme of Mitzvahs for their December inspiration. NaBloPoMO helps people blog more often by providing moral support, inspiration, and the camaraderie that only marathon blogging can provide. They also encourage people to blog daily. My intention is not to get back to daily blogging, especially since most of my daily writing time is now spent preparing my book on the 1000 mitzvah project. I am fairly content now posting once or twice a week, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to officially blog again about mitzvahs. So I am joining the party.

Mitzvah for the day: I attended a “celebration of life” for a friend’s recently deceased mother. Due to the timing, I had to bring my son along after school. It was a lovely informal service and allowed me a chance to learn more about my friend’s mother whom I had only met once. My son of course enjoyed the refreshments!

Heartfelt Birthday Gift Idea

Kisses On Your Birthday
Kisses On Your Birthday

Know someone who is celebrating a birthday and not quite sure what to give them?

How about a jar of kisses – equal to the their age. In addition, add slips of paper each one recalling a treasured memory, thanking them for something they have done or just saying I love you!

Your gift will be a continuous reminder that they are loved and cherished. What better gift is there!