Are  you sick of all the bad news about the state of our society, the economy, the world? It seems that each day we hear about volcanoes, oil spills,  and other natural and made made disasters happening all over our country and world. Instead of sticking your head in the sand or closing the door and hiding, get out and do something about it. You can’t actually change things that have already happened, but you certainly can make a difference in the world in the future. The first step to making a difference is taking action. Find something you are passionate about and step in to help out. Yes, I am encouraging you to find something you think you could help with and volunteer your time. Turn off your television, unplug from your computer and go out and give of your time. Maybe it’s a small thing like volunteering at your children’s school or your local church, synagogue or food pantry. Maybe you love animals or want to make a difference in our environment. There are organizations that would love your passion and your enthusiasm to share their message.

Maybe you’re not sure what’s in it for you, but I can promise you that the rewards are abundant. A volunteer position can help you:

• decide on a career

• make new friends

• find role models

• build self-confidence and self-esteem

Today, I discovered this  resource and wanted to make sure it was listed on my website for others to use. 1-800-volunteer.org is a national database of non-profit organizations that utilize volunteers. With a simple search of your area of interest, and location you will find appropriate opportunities for volunteering. Check out their website and find a new organization that fits your passions and needs. Then be sure to connect with the volunteer coordinator and begin your new volunteer experience. Shifting your focus from what’s wrong in our world to what YOU can do to make a difference will make all the difference.