Does it matter if it is a large or small mitzvah?

One of the most interesting things that has happened to me through this Mitzvah project is all the discussion I have had with people about what is a mitzvah? Defining what to count? Does it matter if it is big or small?

To me there are some really obvious ones like helping someone who is poor, sick or elderly. Also, giving money to charity – but does how much you give matter? I often put $1 in the place at the grocery store or I’ll  buy the $1 option when it is for a cause at the drug store. Sometimes though I think I shouldn’t count that because it is only a dollar.

I am at the 200 mark now for mitzvahs and in the end I have ended up counting the small mitzahs as well as the big mitzvahs. I think that every kind act we do whether it is large or small is  important and cost or size shouldn’t make a difference.