We’ve made it to 300! My daughter is learning great lessons…

Maybe my first idea that it would take less than a year to get to 1,000 was not realistic considering what I count and what I don’t count for the mitzvahs. Anyway, even if it takes me two years to finish the 1,000 I am still enjoying the journey and process of getting there.

296) Picked up some trash and threw it away this morning on my walk around the neighborhood.

297) Realized I hadn’t paid for an item after leaving a store and sent my daughter back to return it. The item was for her and she didn’t even seem upset by the situation.

298) Sent a card and photo to a coworker. She called me today to thank me.

299) I have begun to take bags to the grocery store now every time I go. It’s pretty easy to remember them now that I have gotten into the habit. In Portland, Oregon it is beginning to be the norm. Still think its a good earth mitzvah. Plus, I know it is teaching my kids about reusing. In fact today, I took my daughter to get some decorations for her bike for an upcoming annual 4th of July parade in our neighborhood. She commented that maybe we shouldn’t  buy too many items. It was her idea in the store to use and save all the decorations in a bin after the holiday so that we can reuse the products again next year. Horray, I am so happy she thought of that.
300) Called a client to make sure I hadn’t done anything to offend her, it had been a long time since I had heard from her. Received a nice card from her thanking me for my call.