Is a mitzvah for your kid still a mitzvah?

folding towelsSeems like life has gotten busy and while I know I am still doing mitzvahs it seems as if it’s hard to find the time to write them. I think these last 300 mitzvahs will be worth the wait though….

This week I pondered a few times whether some acts counted as mitzvahs. In the end I did count them.

695) Held a business event at a local community center. I needed towels for the event but they were short staffed that day and there was a big back up of clean unfolded towels. I asked one of the employees on duty that day if I could help out by emptying the dirty towel bins and folding lots of them to bring them back in.  He was grateful but the question remains is a mitzah still a mitzvah when you benefit from it?

696) Called a friend to check in with her.

697) Visited with the Rebbetzin. She always tells me that is a huge mitzvah.

698) Donated drinks to the staff appreciation event.

699) Volunteered at the 1st grade camp out event.

700) I am not sure if this is a mitzvah since it was for my son but it certainly was beyond what I might normally do but my son was so adamant. I arrived at the 1st grade camp out day. We were leaving for a big 10 day trip that night and I still had packing and cleaning to finish. I was slightly frazzled but I had agreed to volunteer and was looking forward to helping with the event. When I got there my son asked if he could see me in private. He showed me that his pants had split that day and he was covering them with his sweatshirt around his waist. He wanted me to help him. I looked in the lost and found but didn’t find any replacement pants. It was only 2 hours until the end of the day but he asked if I would please drive home and get him some new pants. I did and he was very grateful. So is it a mitzvah when you do something you might not otherwise do for a child, spouse or parent?

701) Walked over to someone who was lost in my neighborhood and gave them the correct directions.

702) Today a friend of mine was involved in a small accident. I arrived at the scene a few minutes after it occurred. I took her dog home and helped the officers with bringing a scooter home and notifying her husband.

703) Shared some information with a friend that I thought she might benefit from.